CarClub Toolkit


Running a CarClub without technology can be extremely frustrating. Most current systems available use expensive outdated technologies, while small community car clubs are having to integrate different types of calendars, maps and payment systems. 

CarTap for CarClubs is the most flexible and scaleable CarClub solution.  We can help at any stage of your development.  Whether you’re creating a manual CarClub with key handovers and fuel refilling, or an entirely automated solution with smartphone access and automated fuel and mileage charging, CarTap’s unmatched functionality helps you provide the best service for your users.  Our web booking management systems and smartphone access, can help you build the CarClub you want.  The starter pack is entirely free and 2 minute instant setup. 



Explore the different plans


  • Your CarClub Management Portal and Web Page

  • Mobile App for Users - Booking, Payment and Damage Reporting  

  • Unlimited Drivers

  • Unlimited Vehicles

  • Card Payments, Billing and Invoicing (Optional)            



  • All CarClub Starter Options

  • Smartphone Instant Car Access

  • Real-time Car Geolocation for Users

  • GPS Tracking and coding

  • Telematics Hardware

  • Driving Behaviour Monitoring



  • All CarClub Instant Options

  • Complete Automation - Keyless Access & Start

  • Fuel and Mileage Tracking with optional auto-charging

  • 24 hour technical support  

  • Contact for Information