Q. Is it Secure?

A.   Our technology has been developed with multiple layers of encryption and was supported by the UK Innovation Agency.  Security is our top priority. All hardware has E9 automotive certification for aftermarket and is CE certified.  The system works with existing car security mechanisms, rather than as an actual modification to the vehicle security systems.



Q. How long does it take to install the hardware?

A.   The hardware installation time depends on the make and model of the vehicle, but in most  cases can be installed in just 30 minutes.



Q. Does it work on every car?

A.   Most makes and models are supported, but not all.  In general, cars must be less than 10 years old to be compatible.



Q. Who can access the vehicles?

A.   At the time of access the software generates a one-off, time-limited, encrypted digital key that is specific to only a single user.  Only that specified user can find and access the car and for a set limited duration.



Q. What does the hardware look like?

A.   The device is not visible once plugged in, but the car owner can easily unplug and plug back the device at any time as they like.  This will switch off and switch back on the service.




Q. What happens if the car is away at delivery time?

A.   The delivery time and place is agreed in advance.  If a car is absent at the time of delivery, the parcel will simply be returned to our depot and an sms sent to the owner to schedule redelivery.



Q. Does the car need to be at home for delivery to occur?

A.   The drop-off location of the car will be a real-time GPS location, made available for delivery. Couriers are guided to the car by satellite navigation.  The courier only receives GPS location 30 minutes before the delivery.



Q. After the delivery, can the courier still access the car?

A.   Once the vehicle is closed, the alarm is re-engaged and an sms sent to the user notifying them of secure delivery.  The courier cannot access the vehicle once delivery is confirmed as the time limited digital key is now used. The car immobiliser is fully engaged throughout all deliveries.