One seamless mobile experience.


CarTap digital access technology is the first secure, time limited access solution for vehicles that requires no in-car hardware (patent pending).

The goal of the CarTap system is to provide a secure and seamless experience to develop a services ecosystem around cars and digital access. The technology aims to cover existing models and integrate with manufacturers connected vehicle services in one seamless experience.

With the CarTap, system single-access codes can be transferred and controlled via our Universal Key Device.The access codes can be securely managed using the cloud based key management system with automated audit trails and data analytics.


CarTap Wireless Technology

Lock/Unlock vehicles via Smartphone and Universal Key Device.


CarTap Mobile

• Mobile applications for vehicle owners and service providers

• Complete control for vehicle owners

• Lock/Unlock vehicles via Smartphone

• One interface for service providers


CarTap Web + Cloud

• Cloud based and scalable digital key management platform

• Serverless Architecture

• SSL Encryption

• Seamless Integration with Vehicle Manufacturers

• Automated audit trails

• Compatible with NFC card devices

• Permission Management - Access granted only with permission

• Role management - Driver, Fleet Manager, Retailers, Logistics providers

• API, Interfaces and Dashboards for service provides


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